The text will disappoint those of you who wish a suit-wearing, cigar-lighting executive would go up in flames. “Before you conclude your intellectual property transaction, take a pause to consider risk. Our exclusive tools, such as validity insurance, safeguard your entire process.” Oh. Actually, the ad offers a shrewd variation on the old buy-our-brand-or-you’ll-be-sorry school of advertising. You get the message that you’re in need of the client’s protective services. But the concept of risk is presented in a way that suggests the target reader willingly lives a life of high drama. For the people who toil in the dusty precincts of intellectual property, this is an unaccustomed bit of flattery. Another ad in the series shows a woman holding a dog biscuit between her teeth as she confronts a wolfish dog, looking blithely indifferent to danger. Here again, it’s wholly unlike ads that depict the customer as a cowering schlemiel. The scare tactic works because it’s cloaked in a kind of danger-is-my-business swagger.Agency

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