Picking up the Pace

Remember being forced to run laps, do sit-ups, or —worst of all—square dance during P.E. class?

McKee Wallwork Henderson has been retained by a client who plans to make that experience easier for some kids … and harder for others.

The Albuquerque, N.M., agency has been hired by Polar Electro of Long Island, N.Y., to expand the marketingof the company’s heart rate monitors to schools.

Gym teachers often determine an exercise and then allow the pace to be set by the most athletically inclined students, said agency spokesperson Stacia Brigham. Without monitoring heart rates, “children we thought were excelling weren’t even in their target zones,” she said, while other students might overexert themselves doing the same activity.

The new campaign, she said, will focus on individualizing thephys ed experience of each child.

“We pretty much hope to change the face of physical education,” Brigham said.