Pets on parade

There’s the Hershey’s Kissmobile, Nabisco’s Planter’s Peanut Mobile and that Holy Grail of mobile marketing, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Now Pfizer is joining the parade.
The Exton, Pa., drugmaker last week unveiled its entry in the mobile marketing field with the Revolution Mobile. The 25-foot vehicle promotes the drugmaker’s topical flea, tick and heartworm preventative for pets.
The truck, which displays a giant dog and cat, will travel around the country appearing at pet-oriented events through November, said Jason Schumann, an account manager at Colle & McVoy in Minneapolis, which handles advertising duties for Revolution. The vehicle has already stopped traffic as it made its way across the country to the North Shore Animal League Adoptathon in New York, he said.
“[People] are awed by the fact that this huge dog and cat are coming down the road,” he said.
Prototype Source in Santa Barbara, Calif., created the Revolution Mobile.
–Aaron Baar