PeopleSupport Breaks Debut Ads

E-business customer care provider PeopleSupport is taking a roundabout approach in its first ad campaign, a $6 million broadcast, print and online effort breaking this week from BBDO West.
The 2-year-old company, which provides “customer care” support to e-commerce sites, is making its business-to-business pitch by talking to consumers.
The humorous ads show customers who have ordered products online but get a nasty shock when they arrive. One print ad features a dog practically wearing a way-too-small doghouse; a TV spot sees a young man trying to spy on his comely neighbor with a new telescope–only to realize it’s a kaleidoscope.
The ads all use the line “Get all your questions answered before you buy online.” The campaign is themed “PeopleSupport. Customer service on your favorite Web sites.”
Tom Hollerbach, president and CEO of BBDO West, said the strategy is to “hoodwink the real target [CEOs, senior managers, IT and IS decision makers] into thinking they weren’t being targeted, and convince them that PeopleSupport has a product so strong it was basically creating customer demand.”
Added Roy Gattinella, PeopleSupport vp of marketing, “We are building a brand that consumers recognize. … Our competitors are running only trade print ads that are what you would expect from a technology b-to-b–all words.” K