Paul Kaza Associates Breaks Vermont DET Effort

Paul Kaza Associates has unveiled its first creative work for the Vermont Department of Employment & Training.

Thus far, the South Burlington, Vt., agency has crafted and begun airing a TV spot tagged, “The next step.” A second spot is expected to break in August.

The first commercial shows people working at various vocations. A voice-over says, “In the world of work, how do you gain experience and tap new talent? Where can you build excitement and transform your career? Who has the expertise to teach you how to seize opportunities?” The VO concludes: “If it has to do with work, from jump-starting your career, to staffing your business, the answer begins with three letters: D-E-T.”

The ad was aimed at Vermont employers and job seekers. “Both [groups] are not aware of the resources at DET,” said Paul Kaza, president of the 27-person agency.

“We attempted to put a different face on the department. That’s why we used the three letters,” said Kaza. “[We don’t want it] to be known as just a place to collect an unemployment check from.”

The spot is running on Vermont broadcast and cable outlets through mid-June. Spending is in the six-figures. Paul Kaza Associates is also handling media-buying chores.

The DET became the 10th participant in the State of Vermont Consolidated Marketing & Promotional Services contract in December.

Other entities in the group include Tourism, Economic Development, Fish & Wildlife and the Film Commission.

Since Paul Kaza Associates won the three-year contract in November 1999, the agency has created various campaigns and marketing efforts for each department.

“A lot of employers refer to the department as the best kept secret in Vermont,” Kaza said.