Palisades Taps New-Business Chief

Palisades Media Group has tapped Paula Mangin, who described herself as one of the media buying and planning shop’s “biggest fans,” as a new-business consultant.

Mangin, 40, has been on her own since resigning as partner at Odiorne Wilde Narraway & Partners in San Francisco last September. While there, she conducted a review to find the shop a media buying partner and selected Palisades.

“I had the rare opportunity to go through the evaluation process,” Mangin said. “I know their competition and why they’re better.”

Even before coming on board, Mangin was winning new business for Palisades, said agency president Roger Schaffner. “She was a cheerleader for us, she recommended us to Venables, Bell & Partners and we won that business [in March], and we thought, ‘Why don’t we keep this going?’ ” he said.

A business-development position is a new one for Palisades, which was founded in 1996. Previously, the Santa Monica, Calif., agency relied on referrals, Schaffner said. He added that Mangin’s hire was due more to her availability than the current business climate.

“She knows a lot of people, and she’s smart,” Schaffner said.

The two began talking about working together in January, Mangin said. “They have that rare combination of being really buttoned-up and smart but you want to have a beer with them afterwards,” she said.

While Palisades also has an entertainment division, Mangin is charged with helping to grow the business division and pursuing accounts in such industries as retail and fashion, Schaffner said. She will also continue to consult for OWN&P, the shop she helped grow from eight employees in 1994 to 60 in 2001.

Palisades works with such clients as Miramax Films, Electronic Arts, Fox Searchlight, Lions Gate Films and Virgin Megastores.