Pagano Speaks For Animals In Campaign

BOSTON-Pagano Schenck & Kay has created a pro bono campaign for the Boston-based World Society for the Protection of Animals that hopes to draw attention to the plight of circus animals.
A trio of 30-second spots broke last week on the Animal Planet cable network. The commercials promote the client’s Adopt-An-Orangutan program. In one ad, a tired father returning home from work gets a message from the police on his answering machine that his son has been arrested-and not for the first time. “Hey, it’s not too late to adopt an orangutan,” the recording concludes.
The shop has also fashioned a series of “vintage” circus posters that capture the style of the early-1900s. Headlines include: “Scarier than watching animals perform dangerous tricks is knowing what happens to the animals who refuse.”
The campaign wants to “create a sense of urgency in people but avoid the gross-out factor,” said copywriter Tim Cawley, who partnered with art director Kevin Daley. The duo offered their services to the WSPA. ƒ