Outcast, PumpTop Form Ad Network

NEW YORK Outcast (formerly known as Fuelcast) and PumpTop TV, two of the largest digital video networks at the gas pump, have formed a joint venture to create a unified advertising network.

The co-branded push combines inventory from Outcast and PumpTop to create a national network of more than 12,600 high-definition large screens in 15 of the top markets reaching more than 20 million consumers each month.

Outcast will handle advertising sales and marketing for the network, led by Nathan Gill, chief media officer. Adtek Media, the owner of PumpTop, will drive product and technology innovation, leveraging the company’s strategic relationship with Westinghouse Digital, a leading manufacturer of LCD TV screens.

While each company operates and programs their respective networks, ad units across the co-branded network are identical. Advertisers can target by demographic, geography, and real-time weather and traffic conditions.

“For the advertiser, planning and buying advertising at the gas pump will be seamless,” said Matthew Stoudt, CEO for Outcast. “Advertisers will get true saturation in the 15 markets we have.”

That should be music to advertisers’ ears, since they’ve had to struggle for several players in the space offering different size screens, irregular placement at the gas station and uneven penetration in local markets.

With the joint venture, advertisers now have two major choices for video advertising at the pump: the newly formed network, and Gas Station TV, which offers inventory in 100 markets to deliver 30 million monthly consumers.

“Customers have told us we needed to make it easier,” said Doug Woo, evp of Adtek Media. “This deal will improve the medium.”

As a result of the venture, the network has already signed two major consumer packaged-goods brands. “We’re tapping into the media budgets that have opened up for the second half of the year,” Stoudt said.

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