Out of This World

So much for buses and subways. How’d you like your ad on a rocket?

When the world’s first privately sponsored rocket climbs from Nevada’s Black Rock Desert into space this fall, it will sport the logo of Remarkable Technologies, a company that offers inventions for sale and license. The prime media space was secured via a sponsorship deal with project organizer the Civilian Space Xploration Team (CSXT).

Eric Knight, president of Remarkable and vice president of Web development firm Outrider, says the sponsorship idea was born over Internet chats with Ky Michaelson, CSXT’s leader and president of Rocketman Enterprises. Knight, who has been keen on rocketry as a hobby since the early ’60s, says it’s an ideal fit. “It doesn’t get any more remarkable than this,” he says.

The private sector has looked to the heavens for marketing exposure before. Pizza Hut slapped its logo on a Russian proton rocket on July 12, while Radio Shack plans to co-sponsor a lunar landing in late 2003. But this is the first time a business is helping private citizens move across the final frontier. Knight declined to reveal how much of the launch’s estimated $50-75,000 cost the sponsorship will defray, but he predicts the relationship will more than pay off. “Once this thing gets cooking, there will be a high level of visibility worldwide,” he says. FPG Intrnational/PictureQuestCorbis Images/PictureQuest

chuck gonzales