Our Nocturnal Scholars

Here’s why college students are a lucrative market: Vendors of everything from movies to telephones can sell them the distractions they seek when dodging their studies; then, other marketers can sell them the stuff they need to stay awake when pulling all-nighters to make up for their procrastination. A poll of students commissioned by EAS, which sells Pirhanna energy drinks, quantifies several aspects of the phenomenon. As the chart indicates, our nation’s scholars go through a lot of caffeine in their end-of-term pursuit of knowledge. Sixteen percent “always” pullall-nighters prior to final exams; 34 percent “often” do so. Little wonder 21 percent are “extremely concerned” and 25 percent “very concerned” about staying awake. What were they doing earlier in the term when they should have been studying? Watching TV/movies (43 percent), hanging out with their friends (34 percent), surfing the Internet/e-mailing(30 percent) and going to parties/bars(17 percent). The sensible ones, comparatively speaking, were sleeping (25 percent).