Oracle Debuts In-House TV Spot

SAN FRANCISCO Oracle Corp. is breaking a rare television spot tomorrow for its grid computing technology, the company said.

The commercial, produced in-house, is a takeoff of print work that came out this week, said Judith Sim, Oracle’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

A computer-generated image shows a typical computer mainframe with a collection of lower-cost independent servers and touts Oracle’s software that is said to run that grid system more effectively. Actor Peter Coyote’s voiceover says, “For over 40 years, the mainframe has been the leader in computer performance and reliability.” The difference between a regular server and this set-up, the ad says, is: “If a server fails, the mainframe stops, while the Oracle grid just keeps running. The Oracle grid. Runs faster, costs less and never breaks.”

This one TV spot is part of a larger integrated campaign on grid computing in print and online, the client said. It is the largest global campaign Oracle is sponsoring this year, but TV is airing only in North America.

The ad will air on ABC, CNN and Fox News during shows such as Special Report With Brit Hume, Scarborough Country and the NBA finals, the client said. Starcom handled media buying.

Executive decision makers, such as chief information officers and chief financial officers, are the target market, Sim said.

Campaign spending is undisclosed. Including its subsidiary, PeopleSoft, Oracle of Redwood Shores, Calif., spent $19 million on advertising in 2004, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.