For Optimum, ‘Size’ Matters

NEW YORK New work from DraftFCB for Optimum Nutrition seeks to show potential customers what they might look like if they ingested the company’s muscle supplements.

One gatefold ad, which began appearing in muscle magazines such as Flex, Iron Man and Muscular Development this month, demands that people, “Try huge on for size.” It shows an almost comically developed bicep muscle and instructs the reader to hold it against his leg for comparison’s sake.

In addition to print, DraftFCB in Chicago redesigned the packaging on the company’s nearly 400-strong line of products to be more minimal and highlight the ingredients.

“We’re in a very cluttered market that’s very loud, very Nascar,” said John Spingola, marketing manager at Optimum Nutrition. “If you walk into a store or read the fitness magazines, it’s sensory overload. While we enjoy our position in the market, we were looking for something to help us stand out from that crowd.”

In addition to simplifying the message, DraftFCB wanted an element of interactivity. “We want people to tear out the ads and hold them up against their own bodies,” said David Jones, group creative director at DraftFCB. “Every ad we do we try to make a tool, so that we’re an advocate for the big guy.”