Olson Presents NSF’s Health, Safety Firsts

CHICAGO Olson + Co. shows how deeply NSF International touches people lives in the health and safety company’s first corporate image campaign in its 60-year history.

The effort is meant to increase consumer awareness of NSF certification, which can apply from everything from food to water, in an effort to increase consumer demand for such certification from companies, said Maggie Morton, a representative of the Minneapolis agency. “As consumers become more health conscious, NSF sees this as an opportunity,” she said. “If NSF means something to consumers, they could tell companies they have to do [the certification.”

The print campaign, which breaks this week in publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal to Sports Illustrated, is meant to depict the impact the Ann Arbor, Mich., company has on people’s communities and daily lives.

The simple print executions show a series of circles: one with a headline, one with the company’s logo and one explaining what NSF does. In one, the headline reads, “When was the last time you questioned the integrity of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Our point exactly.” Body copy states that NSF writes and enforces food, water, air and consumer product safety standards. Another headline reads, “Running with scissors still isn’t safe, but we’re working on it.”

All of the ads employ “Live safer” as a tagline and encourage people to call the company’s toll-free line or visit the Web site for more information. The effort also includes an extensive redesign of the company’s Web site. Spending for the campaign was not disclosed.