Oldsmobile Bonds With Buyers

DETROIT-Trying to get beyond the clutter of automaker rebate offers, General Motors’ Oldsmobile division is testing a promotional offer by national agency Leo Burnett, Chicago, including TV, radio, newspaper and point-of-sale advertising.
During August and September, Olds is offering $3,000 in U.S.
savings bonds with the purchase of an Olds 88. The promotion is now running in four test markets and may spread to more markets and possibly nationwide by late this year, said Sandra Reid-Smith, Olds 88 assistant brand manager of marketing. The offer is being tested in Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Houston and Rochester, N.Y.
Leo Burnett was responsible for all of the creative work behind the promotion, while Moroch & Associates in Dallas, one of Olds’ regional dealer advertising agencies, was involved in planning the strategy, Reid-Smith said.
The bonds will be offered in a variety of denominations so that consumers can give them as gifts if they wish, Reid-Smith said. If Olds 88 buyers are not interested in the savings bonds, they still have the option of getting $1,500 cash back or 2.9 percent financing, she said. But the company is predicting many consumers will embrace the new promotion.
“Most of our customers are very value-oriented,” Reid-Smith said. “We’re trying to get a little bit above the clutter. Everybody is offering cash back. We hope this puts us a
little bit above [that] and people will see the value of what we’re trying to do and it will motivate them.”
The campaign includes a 30-second spot, “Snake,” with a touch of humor. A young boy, whose parents have just bought an 88 and handed him the savings bonds, talks about different things he could buy, including a snake.
Oldsmobile spent $115 million on advertising last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting.