Office Of The Future

You may have a vision of yourself a few years from now—on a beach, sipping a drink, having finished your day’s work in half the time, thanks to technology. Forget it, says a new study, “Office of the Future: 2020,” conducted by a group called OfficeTeam. Yes, technology will mean greater flexibility, making it easier for you to work outside the office. But it’s unlikely you’ll actually work less as a result, at least according to the 150 Fortune 1000 execs interviewed for this study (see the chart). Along the same lines, the respondents were asked, “In the next decade or so, do you think employees will be expected to stay more connected or less connected with the office while on vacation?” Twenty-eight percent said “much more connected,” while 58 percent said “somewhat more connected.” Eleven percent said “somewhat less connected,” and only 2 percent said “much less connected.” It seems people will be expected to stay in touch simply because they’ll be better able to.