Ocean City to Pick Md. Shop

By Nora FitzGerald

WASHINGTON, D.C.–The Town of Ocean City (Md.) Department of Tourism and the Roland E. Powell Convention Center are in the final stages of a review for their combined $1.25 million advertising business.

Sources close to the process said that the budget may increase as the town works to spruce up its image and launch the convention center’s grand opening in November.

Finalists for the account include incumbent agency Richardson, Myers & Donofrio and Trahan Burden & Charles, both of Baltimore, and Earle Palmer Brown in Bethesda, Md.

The client could not be reached at press time.

Creative presentations were held last week, according to the sources. The Ocean City mayor and most members of the Ocean City Council attended the presentations. Those officials will probably be involved in the final decision.

The tourism department traditionally advertises in late spring to motivate vacationers to go to the beach. The agency will also launch the convention advertising in the fall.

In addition, the town has made an exclusive agreement with Coca-Cola, making Coke the official soft drink of Ocean City. It is the only drink that can be sold at street festivals on municipal property. The advertising agency will most likely be involved with promoting that deal as well, sources said.

The tourism department and town officials will be meeting this Tuesday and a decision is expected this week.

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