O2 Ideas, KCSA Forge Partnership

ATLANTA O2 Ideas said it has entered into a partnership with KCSA Public Relations Worldwide to enhance its marketing services. The Birmingham, Ala., shop hopes the alliance will help expand its PR programs by offering investor relations resources.

KCSA is an independent public and investor relations firm in New York that executes marketing and investor relations programs for companies such as Arbitron, Six Flags and McCormick & Co. Managing partner Jeff Corbin said that its focus is to bring a new level of capability to O2 Ideas, allowing it to provide clients more integrated marketing solutions.

“KCSA and O2 Ideas agreed that, for purposes of integrated marketing efforts, investor relations should be considered,” Corbin said.

O2 Ideas chairman and CEO Shelley Stewart said that the partnership would allow the agency to offer clients broader public relations programs, with KCSA complementing local efforts with its national presence. “We also will be able to offer our publicly traded clients an array of investor relations services,” Stewart added.

KCSA has hired a representative that will work in the Birmingham office. The first collaborative project will be a series of Integrated Advertising Marketing and Investor Relations Seminars beginning in October, said Corbin. The initial event will be held in Birmingham; a second is scheduled for Atlanta.

Corbin said he hopes that the conferences will not only attract new business, but also educate companies in the Southeast about marketing to investor audiences.