Nutty Over Beavers

Nabisco has enlisted a beaver to help reposition its Planters Nuts.
A team at Foote, Cone & Belding in New York, led by senior creative directors John Colquhoun and Roger Feuerman, opted to place three droll hikers in contact with a hyperactive, dam-building mammal in “Nutty Beaver,” a new spot in 15- and 30-second executions breaking today. A previous ad focused on Planters’ low cholesterol benefits. The new spot, which retains the “Relax. Go nuts.” tagline, has health take a back seat to taste and plays on the theme, “Everyone loves Planters Nuts.”
In the spot, the hikers debate whether beavers eat nuts. The beaver carves a likeness of client icon Mr. Peanut into a tree trunk to convince them he likes the snack. Mr. Peanut previously appeared in a more animated form.
The creative staff was “looking for a clever way to use Mr. Peanut. It does our job of branding for us,” said Colquhoun. Showing the hikers in a natural setting subtly reinforces the health image, Feuerman added.
Nabisco spent about $3 million marketing Planters snacks last year, per Competitive Media Reporting.
–Sloane Lucas