nTelos Calls on Barber Martin

Barber Martin has been hired by nTelos to help the Virginia-based telecom company better compete in an increasingly crowded and complex marketplace.

The agency, in Richmond, Va., plans to break a multimedia campaign for the client in early November. Annual ad spending by the client has been in the $5 million range, per Nielsen.

The company — which provides an array of voice, video and data services — had previously worked with the Johnson Group in Chattanooga, Tenn.

nTelos said Barber Martin’s retail expertise and creative concepts led to its recent hire.

“For over 20 years, we’ve been focused on building retail stores into retails chains, and retail chains into even bigger retail chains, by driving sales overnight while building brand over time,” said agency president Robyn Deyo. “With nTelos, we have a chance to apply our winning philosophies and strategies to a completely different industry, helping them grow in both the retail sector and in wireless market share.”

The shop is now tasked with expanding the firm’s appeal. “nTelos is targeting a broader more affluent customer whose needs are driven by coverage and devices.  From a media standpoint this target would include adults 25-54,” Deyo said.

The mandate covers print and broadcast ads, social media, planning and placement.

Barber Martin also lists Wendy’s, Cato Fashions and Bassett Furniture among its clients.