Now The Truth Can Be Told

Give Stroh Brewery Co. credit for truly integrating its marketing.
Its new TV spot for Old Milwaukee shows a man surfing the Internet, searching for clues on which is the country’s best-tasting beer. He finds the answer is Old Milwaukee, judged the best American beer in a Consumer Reports survey. But since Consumer Reports prohibits advertisers from using its name, the spot credits only an unnamed consumer magazine.
What complements a commercial that uses the Internet better than a Web site? So Stroh has given the brand its own homepage,, that goes the TV spot-from W.B. Doner & Co. in Southfield, Mich.-one better.
A click of the mouse takes browsers from the Web site to a reprinted article from the Detroit Free Press that repeatedly cites the Consumer Reports study by name.
The site also includes a name-the-landmark contest (Is that the Golden Gate Bridge?) meant to determine visitors’ demographic data and a “Cooking with Old Milwaukee” recipe section.
Fry Multimedia in Ann Arbor, Mich., created the site. -Scott Hume