Not So Meaty, But Very Cheesy

We can only imagine Simon Cowell’s reaction to this. Five years after Jack in the Box ran a commercial showing a fictitious boy band, the “Meaty Cheesy Boys,” singing an idiotic song about their love for a cheeseburger, a contestant on American Idol has sung the very same song in his audition. No, the guy didn’t make it to the finals (thank God?), but his unique choice may earn him a spot on an upcoming show highlighting clips from performances that didn’t make the cut.

The brave contestant was Anthony Nunez, according to Wojahn Bros. Music, the music house that composed the song for Dick Sittig and Secret Weapon Marketing. Roger Wojahn says he was tickled to hear from an Idol producer who was looking to secure sync rights for the song. “What’s funny to me is that some advertisers license music, thinking that’s the way to be the most relevant to consumers. Why wouldn’t you use original music to brand yourself?” Wojahn says. “This was a parody that ended up becoming part of the fabric of culture. I just think it’s funny.”

Even funnier are the lyrics: “Girl, you know/There’s one thing that I love/But it’s not you I’m thinking of/I want the ultimate cheeseburger.” Wojahn Bros. had so much fun with the project that they wrote three full-length Meaty Cheesy songs that were distributed on CDs and promoted in stores. Obviously, at least one young man was a fan.