Not A Laughing Matter

The last appearance by former Saturday Night Live funnyman Chris Farley may be in an anti-drug newspaper ad running in his native state of Wisconsin.
The ad (shown here) shows a grinning Farley with the message: “Drugs and alcohol can kill the laughter in anybody.”
The ad was created by a small agency in Madison, Wisc., called Meg Communications. Larry Anderson was the copywriter; art direction was handled by Steve Malin. A former TV comedy writer who has had his own battles with substance abuse, Anderson said Farley’s parents have endorsed the pro bono effort, which touts Rebos House of Wisconsin, a nonprofit organization that operates facilities for recovering alcohol and drug abusers.
Farley, a native of Madison, died in December from a cocaine and morphine overdose. The ad broke last week.
–David Gianatasio