No-Smoking Country

The landmark rough-and-tough Marlboro Man on L.A.’s Sunset Strip has been replaced with a more “impotent’ symbol-literally.
The new outdoor board (shown here) depicts a rugged cowboy with a limp cigarette dangling from his lips. The word “Impotent” replaces “Marlboro” alongside the image, which had towered above the strip since the ’70s. “Warning: Smoking Causes Impotence” appears below.
Asher & Partners in Los Angeles is the ad agency for the California Department of Health Services Anti-Tobacco Initiative and creator of the new board. The agency has also created several other new outdoor boards, including one with another Marlboro-ish man, saying to his horse, “Chemotherapy scares me, Scout.”
The board went up last Friday and will remain until the end of the year. California recently banned all outdoor tobacco advertising.
-Teresa Buyikian