No Pie today

BBDS creatives may have been a bit confused when client On-Cor Frozen Foods told the agency that there was a pecan pie problem.

The trouble, sources said, occurred in new TV spots that broke late last month as part of the Northbrook, Ill., food company’s long-running national TV campaign featuring Happy Days’ Al Molinaro as a grocer.

The latest spots end with Molinaro’s traditional suggestion that his customers invite him over for dinner to help finish an oversized On-Cor entree. A woman asks the actor, “Do you like pecan pie?”

The problem is, On-Cor doesn’t sell pecan pies. After the spots aired a few customers called the company to ask where they could find a pecan pie, said Howard Friend, On-Cor’s president. That was enough for the company to ask BBDS to change the spot’s ending— at a cost sources pegged at $16,000.

Friend said he was happy with the new spots. “We just wanted to add a different twist to having dinner with Al,” Friend said. BBDS officials declined comment on the incident.