Nike “Rollins”

Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins shows how performance and pain are intrinsically linked in the world of sports, or at least his world, in this new Nike co-op spot with Dick’s Sporting Goods. Two teen boys are trying on Nike cleats when Rollins suddenly appears in his baseball uniform to correct the kid’s assessment of the shoe. “You think baseball is about feeling good?” he asks, adding that he didn’t become MVP and get to the World Series because he felt good. That sentiment is then punctuated by the force of a baseball hitting him square in the chest. The shoe, “It’s made for performance,” he explains through gritted teeth as another ball is sent thudding into his chest. “And we know performance can hurt.” But it looks like he’s definitely experiencing some pleasure from the pain inflicted by the pitching machine that keeps sending them his way. The entire time, as he grimaces and grunts through the discomfort, he never breaks eye contact with the shoppers, who seem a little creeped out but amused. Just like the rest of us.--Eleftheria Parpis