Nike Goes Mobile in Hong Kong

NEW YORK Throughout Hong Kong the Nike swoosh and a T90 image appear together in mysterious black-and-white signs with just enough information to urge soccer fans to find hidden codes they can text in, each leading to the next secret destination.

The Hyperfactory created the mobile marketing campaign (McCann Erickson was responsible for outdoor creative) to promote Nike’s new T90 soccer boot. It launched 10 days ago to coincide with the Euro 2008 soccer tournament.

Consumers point their camera phones at a series of codes, placed in locations such as Nike stores and subway stations, and 3-D images of the T90 next to a soccer ball appear on their screens.

Geoffrey Handley, co-founder of The Hyperfactory, pointed to the 3-D and digital “kind of Bladerunner-ish” elements of the campaign to bring the T90 to life.

“The T90 is all about performance — every single angle of it — not just the studs on the bottom. So [in the campaign], we wanted consumers to get to ‘feel’ the whole thing,” he said.

The campaign was a collaborative effort between his agency and the client, according to Handley. A sweepstakes element offers Nike products as prizes.

Handley said his shop hopes to roll out the campaign in other markets, though no decisions have been made to date. The effort has been extended in Hong Kong at the behest of media partners such as mobile operators.

“We’ve also taken into account all of the consumer feedback to see how we can make this even more of an entertainment factor and create additional buzz to drive consumers in-store,” he said.