Nielsen Releases Latest Fourth Screen Report

Best Buy joined the ranks of place-based video networks covered in Nielsen’s Fourth Screen Report for first quarter, making Best Buy the first retailer to be included. Scheduled for release Monday (July 12), the Fourth Screen Report detailed gross monthly digital video ad exposures for eight networks.

Ad exposures for the seven reported networks grew 11.2 percent among adults 18+, compared to Nielsen’s inaugural Fourth Screen Report for fourth quarter 2009.

In its first report, Best Buy’s video network accounted for 24 million gross video exposures per month. Buoyed by increased movie attendance for movies such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, National CineMedia, ranked at the top, grew exposures by 9.1 percent to 38.5 million.

The two fitness networks, Zoom Fitness and RMG Fitness had the biggest increases, due in part to the seasonality of the business (health clubs tend to hold membership drives after the holiday) and the addition of new venues. Zoom Fitness was up 18.2 percent, while RMG Fitness grew 46.6 percent.

Three networks reported in the first report were not reported in the second reports, Zoom Social, IndoorDirect, and Captivate. All three networks were not measured by Nielsen each quarter, but will be included in the second quarter report, due out in September, along with more than 10 new networks joining the Nielsen service, doubling the number formerly reported.

Nielsen’s Fourth Screen Reports has brought a lot of visibility to the growing medium, giving advertisers and agencies a way to compare place-based networks with TV and other media.

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