Nielsen Releases 2009-10 Universe Estimates

The number of television households in the U.S. inched up by 0.3 percent to 114.9 million, an increase of 400,000 homes from last year and the smallest increase in the last 10 years, according to Nielsen.

Nielsen’s universe estimates, released Friday (Aug. 28) will be used for the 2009-10 TV season and are effective as of Aug. 31.

Persons ages two and older increased nearly 7 percent to 292 million.

Nielsen also released universe estimates for the 210 local markets. There were no changes in rank among the top 10 markets, but several markets changed rank among the top 20.

Moving up in rank were Seattle (from No. 14 to No. 13) and Denver (from No. 18 to No. 16). Tampa, Miami and Cleveland, Ohio, each moved down one place in rank to No. 14, No. 17 and No. 18, respectively.

In addition to Tampa and Miami, two other Florida markets declined in rank, including Ft. Myers (from No. 62 to No. 64) and Tallahassee (No. 105 to No. 106).

New Orleans had the largest percentage increase among all markets, up 5.2 percent, moving two ranks from No. 53 to No. 51.

New York added the most homes of any market, an addition of 59,710.

Waco, Texas had the biggest jump in rank, moving up to No. 89 from No. 94. Other multirank increases in the Sun Belt region included Tucscon, Ariz. (No. 68 to No 66), Shreveport, L.A. (No. 84 to No. 82) and Charleston. S.C. (No. 65 to No. 63).

Several Midwest markets declined in rank including Columbus, Ohio (No. 32 to No. 34); Grand Rapids, MIch. (No. 39 to No. 41); Flint, Mich. (No. 66 to No. 68); and South Bend, Ind. (No. 89 to No. 91).

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