Nielsen Hires Lopez Negrete

NEW YORK The Nielsen Co. has hired Lopez Negrete to help raise awareness of the company’s measurement services and technology.

The selection of the Houston-based agency arrives as Nielsen’s Local People Meter (LPM) will roll out in that Texas city by Oct. 4, as well as in Seattle and Tampa, Fla.

The campaign will include an introduction to the LPM in Houston’s Latino community, including city council members, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and local colleges.

Part of the campaign wil entail hosting meet-and-greets and lunches with media and community leaders to get the word out, said Pio del Castillo, a Lopez Negrete account supervisor who is part of the group tasked with delivering the outreach in Houston. Media efforts, however, will be limited to print to avoid any appearance of partiality on the television side. The agency has already hosted a lunch with 30 people, del Castillo said, leaders who are “community influencers.”

More grass-roots marketing is planned in the cities that are rolling out LPMs this year. As Nielsen moves to measure the viewing habits of college-age students, more outreach will be planned to tap young Latinos.

LPMs currently are in place in 10 of the top DMAs. Fifteen new markets will be added by 2013.

Nielsen, which also is the parent company of Marketing y Medios and Adweek, has pledged to increase its presence at local events in the Hispanic marketplace in Houston as part of its overall campaign.

“We will evaluate each market accordingly,” said Monica Gil, vp, communications and public affairs for Nielsen.