Nielsen to Add Local Live-Plus-Same-Day Metric

Nielsen will add a new live-plus-same-day metric to its local people meter and set meter markets beginning January 2010, the ratings firm told its clients Monday (Nov. 9). The decision to drop the live metric in favor of the live-plus-same-day metric followed a month-long communication with clients.

In the space of a year, Nielsen has implemented two changes to local market ratings to accommodate time-shifted viewing. In January 2009, Nielsen added the live-plus-three-day metric, which broadcasters liked, but major buying shops opposed, preferring to buy local time based on live only ratings. Broadcasters have also been strong proponents of the live-plus-same-day metric as a way to monetize time-shifted viewing.

According to Nielsen, an analysis of the data supports using a live-plus-same-day metric. On average 63 percent of playback occurs on the same day a program is recorded, and a significant amount of playback occurs within a very short period of time.

Originally, Nielsen proposed adding live-plus-same-day in December, but moved it one month later so as not to disrupt the buying and selling process, typically based on quarterly time periods.

The extra time also allows Nielsen to appease agency skeptics about the new metric by conducting an evaluation of the differences between the live and live-plus-same-day metrics. Agencies such as Group M, Starcom and Carat have said they would prefer to buy local time based on live only data. Clients preferring to use live only data will be able to access that data stream in custom analyses.
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