Nick Denton urges Web to look more like TV

By Brian Morrissey


The digital-media revolution needs to learn a thing or two from television, according to Nick Denton, CEO of Gawker Media. His sites are starting to shift away from blog-like format and content in favor of mimicking TV. The reason? The metrics say TV-style video is more popular with visitors and advertisers. "People don't really want to read text," he told All Things D's Peter Kafka during an interview at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's MIXX Conference on Monday, part of Advertising Week. For now, Gawker is doing mostly aggregation when it comes to video, whether it's simply embedding a stop-action Vimeo video of an Iceland volcano or stitching together Daily Show highlights. The cost of producing its own video content makes it less attractive, according to Denton, who is famously ruthless in looking to metrics to determine editorial direction. He does expect to do more in the future, such as software reviews. Denton also wants the ads online to look more like TV—"bigger, more dominant." "There's only one big media business. It's television," he said. "It might be the Internet if it learns from television."