‘Newbie’ Lives the NFL Fantasy

NEW YORK Are you ready for some fantasy football? It’s that time of year and teams are being drafted. This humorous new NFL spot from BBDO in New York gives a behind the scenes look at some of the ragtag teams that rally around the sport. Ridiculous (and comic) conversations ensue. “Newbie” takes viewers into a living room planning session in New Jersey, where a group of guys, all sporting some kind of football signage, are trying to determine who will assume the role of “commissioner.” One keyed-up contender talks about his plans, including introducing “valet parking.” However, a fantasy first timer instead hears “ballet parking.” “Yes Billy, ballet parking, bring your toe shoes,” he replies to the newbie, whose mouth is still agape at the thought. “NFL.com Fantasy Rule 19: Choose your commissioner wisely,” warns the on-screen copy, while the final voiceover adds, “Fantasy rule 1, play at NFL.com.” If this is any indication of what this team’s season is going to be like, it looks like it is going to be a lot of fun watching the newbie make his way, if he survives.