New Version, Same Theme for iPhone 2.0

NEW YORK Apple this week breaks its new ad campaign touting the upgraded iPhone that hits stores July 11.

The first spot, “Hallways,” shows two men carrying a metal case down an imposing, high-security corridor. A voiceover hails the coming of “the first phone to beat the iPhone.” It notes this new mystery phone’s enhanced Internet surfing ability and that it can “download data twice as fast for half the price.” The big reveal, of course, is that it’s the new version of the iPhone.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the updated iPhone at a conference yesterday in San Francisco.

The new spot, which breaks online today, bears an uncanny thematic resemblance to the “The Future Is Coming” spot that introduced the original iPhone to consumers early last year. In that minute-long spot, scientists in space suits discovered an abandoned vessel that held the then-foreign iPhone. TBWA\Media Lab handles.

The new phone has an initial sales goal of 10 million units by 2009. To date, a reported 6 million iPhones have been sold in the U.S.

The marketing heft behind the launch should be significant. Last year, Apple spent $92 million on media behind the brand, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. For the first quarter, however, it has spent only $16,000 as it geared up for the iPhone relaunch.

One of the primary changes to the phone, in addition to enhanced functions, is the price drop from $399 to $199 for the 8 GB model. Jobs admitted publicly that one of the obstacles to widespread adoption had been the hefty price tag the phone carried.

Apple has also opened its iPhone to other carriers (AT&T held the exclusive on the first release), and The New York Times reports that the company’s deal with networks will boost the cost of the phone service to AT&T customers. They will now have to pay $30 per month for unlimited data service, versus the $20 plan that was ushered in with the phone’s debut last June.