New Post Role for FMB

NEW YORK-Fallon McElligott Berlin has expanded its role with the The Washington Post Co., adding responsibility for the company’s Web site to its account roster.
The New York-based agency, which already handles The Washington Post newspaper account, was awarded the estimated $2-3 million Web business earlier this month following a review.
Incumbent Mezzina/Brown here, which coined the tag “.com & get it” for the site, defended the account, according to a representative for the Arlington, Va.-based client.
Other finalists in the contest were Leonard/Monahan in Providence, R.I., and Grey Entertainment here, the representative said. The Richards Group in Dallas, an early contender, withdrew from the pitch, sources said.
Steve Sjoblad, president of FMB, said the agency’s goal in its new job will be to “differentiate them in this morass of Web sites.”
The shop wants to show that the site contains much more than the stories that appear daily in The Washington Post. “That’s just the tip of the iceberg,” said Sjoblad, explaining that features nine sections, links to related information and original articles. “You can even find out what your kid’s lunch is going to be,” he said.
Ewen Cameron, a partner at FMB who serves as director of planning, said the agency’s print and radio campaign will initially break in the Washington area and could be expanded. It has not yet been determined when the campaign will launch.
The agency review was part of a number of evaluations the company held following the one-year anniversary of the Web site, which was in June, the representative said.