New Line Touts ’23’ With Confessionals

New Line Cinema’s upcoming movie The Number 23 stars Jim Carrey as a man who becomes dangerously fixated on the numeral. As part of its effort to promote the film, the studio will now help people share their own obsessions on YouTube.

New Line will take23-branded “Truth Booths” to bars and lounges in several American cities starting this Sunday (in Miami for the Super Bowl) where participants can confront their own personal demons. People are invited to confess their obsessions openly or anonymously (either behind a screen or with masked faces). After the studio vets the confessions, the best will be uploaded to a special 23 YouTube channel.

Those not on the confession-booth circuit, which includes New York, San Francisco and Southern California, can upload directly to the YouTube channel. Online voting will determine the winner of a $2,300 prize.

“Having that kind of interaction with the brand?” asked Gordon Paddison, the studio’s evp of new media marketing. “What’s better than that?”

New Line has also filmed an interview with Carrey that will run exclusively on Apple iTunes and drive consumers to the YouTube channel.

Paddison, who jokes that the drama is “A Beautiful Mind on acid,” hopes the 23 marketing effort will take its place alongside the other nontraditional movie promotions for which it’s become known. More than 25 million people sent custom-made, prerecorded phone calls to unsuspecting friends from Samuel L. Jackson for Snakes on a Plane. And the Wedding Crashers “Crash the Trailer” program, where users could upload their faces into an online trailer, attracted 6 million users.