New ‘Day’ Dawns for Newspaper

BOSTON The New London Day has launched a print campaign via independent Quirk Design & Advertising.

The overall thrust of the effort is to portray the newspaper as independent, truthful, dependable and supportive of its community.

The tagline is “Your news. Your way. Your day.” Some of the executions feature newspaper staffers, such as managing editor Lance Johnson, who is shown beneath the headline, “Truth can’t be compromised or minimized. Or it’s no longer truth.” An ad showing staff writer Kathleen Edgecomb is headlined, “The Day is like having your own personal watchdog. Actually, 66 of them.”

Another effort focuses on the Bowdenwein Foundation, the paper’s charitable arm. It shows preschooler Nicole Diaz, who got access to dental care thanks to the foundation.

Susan Quirk oversaw creative and art direction; Dik Haddad and Alan Maislen wrote the copy. Frank Marchese served as photographer.