New Campaigns: WESTERN

Client: Pacific Bell, San Francisco

Agency: HeadQuarters, San Francisco

Creative Director: Horacio Gomes

Art Director: Juan Ramirez

Copywriter: Dimitry Kaschkarow

Director: Errol Falcon

Two Spanish-language ads by HeadQuarters for Pacific Bell’s Worldwide Calling Card feature a spokesman in light-hearted situations. The campaign, which broke throughout California late last month, is designed to position the client as an international phone company, and sets the stage for Pac Bell’s upcoming entry into the long distance market, said company executives. In one ad the clean-cut spokesman is playing poker with burly men in a 1950s style living room. When the largest of the men announces that he has the winning hand, the spokesman looks intimidated at first, then changes his expression and announces that he has the winning card: the Pac Bell calling card. The second ad is set in the elevator of an elegant hotel,where the tuxedo clad spokesman tries to win over two attractive women with information about the calling card. The women listen to him, then take the card he offers them and leave him in the elevator. The San Francisco agency shares Pac Bell’s Hispanic account with Casanova Pendrill Publicidad in Irvine, Calif. All the company’s Hispanic product advertising uses the spokesman, played by actor Alex Sellar.–Joan Voight


Client: SunAmerica, Los Angeles, Calif.

Agency: Asher/Gould Advertising, Los Angeles, Calif.

Creative Director: Bruce Dundore

Art Director: Bruce Dundore

Copywriter: Jeffrey Stamm

Producer: Lewis Mellina

Director: Geoff McGann, H.S.I. Productions, Venice, Calif.

Encouraging people to plan for retirement is the idea behind a new TV campaign for SunAmerica, a financial services company. Two 30-second ads, created by Asher/Gould Advertising, stress not to leaving the future to chance and the need to plan now. ‘Declaration’ depicts a man who buys a $4 painting at a flea market. He discovers an original copy of the Declaration of Independence, valued at $2 million, hidden in the frame. ‘Nugget’ plays off the same chance theme; a man finds a 61-pound gold nugget buried in his backyard in Australia. Both ads carry the tagline ‘When it comes to retirement, you can depend on luck, or you can depend on us. SunAmerica.’–Teresa Buyikian


Client: ESPN, espn2, New York

Agency: Ground Zero, Santa Monica, Calif.

Creative Directors: Court Crandall, Kirk Souder

Art Director: Guy Shelmerdine

Copywriter: Steve O’Brien Agency

Producer: Randy Zook

Director: Neil Tardio Jr., Original Films, Los Angeles

Ground Zero has launched a tongue-in-cheek documentary campaign for ESPN and espn2 to promote Major League Soccer. The ads feature actor Michael McKean, in full drag, portraying the queen of England. The premise of the TV spots is that the queen appointed herself spokeswoman for Major League Soccer and embarked on a U.S. tour to boost the sport. The queen checks out grilled goods at a Kansas City Wizards tailgate party, drops one-liners about her husband, visits a locker room for a post-game chat and is interviewed by ESPN’s Chris Meyers. Soccer is ‘enshrined in heritage and tradition,’ said Ground Zero’s Crandall. ‘That can seem stuffy to the modern fan. One of the creative team responsible for the campaign is English and warned us to avoid talking down to U.S. fans. We wanted a personality to make a fairly serious point in a humorous way.’–Kathy Tyrer

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