New Campaigns: Southwest

Client: Don Pablo’s Restaurants, Bedford, Texas

Agency: Gleason/Calise/Associates, Dallas

Executive Creative Director: Don Sedei

Copywriter: Mike Fisher

Art Director: Steve Ringer

Producer: Sharon Sturgis

Director: Jeff Kaumeyer

Don Pablo’s has sold its Tex-Mex restaurant concept as ‘The Real Enchilada’ since coming over to Gleason/Calise/Associates last year. As a backdrop to the current advertising campaign that maintains that theme, two television spots feature some decidedly unreal situations. A cowboy skiing across the desert landscape (towed by what, we are not sure) and a singing iguana all fit into a Bizarro world established in contrast to the authenticity of Don Pablo’s cuisine. Getting an iguana to belt out a Spanish campfire tune with his fellow musical vaqueros can be a trick, so animators at Venice, Calif.-based Post Logic added a few extraneous mouthing abilities to the normally stoic reptile. The two humorous broadcast spots follow up last year’s initial campaign for the chain that featured Spanish-language voiceovers in general market ads……–Glen Fest


Client: TCBY, Little Rock, Ark.

Agency: Stone & Ward, Little Rock

Creative Director: Larry Stone

Art Director: John Barnard

Copywriter: Brian Toche

Director: Greg Winter of Wilson Griak, Minneapolis

Stone & Ward blends humor into TCBY’s ad mix in a campaign introducing the chain’s Sorbet Fizz. The drink, a mixture of nonfat sorbet and Sprite, scored the highest marks in the client’s consumer tests in 1996 and is now the centerpiece of a TV, radio and print effort. Leading the way is a 30-second TV spot running on broadcast and cable networks. In the commercial, a family drives into what appears to be a deserted town and later finds that everyone has ‘Gone Fizzin” at a TCBY Treats shop. The campaign is the first to feature a TCBY Treats location (a concept that many units have been converting to since 1995). The new ads also coincide with the addition of two new soft serve sorbet flavors–Strawberry Kiwi and Pineapple Passion Fruit. Supporting the TV, which was also cut in a 15-second version, are radio spots and FSIs touting the drink’s $1.79 price………..–Steve Krajewski


Client: CT Film, Marietta, Ga.

Agency: Point Communications, Dallas

Creative Directors: David Howard and William Hartwell

Art Director/Copywriter: William Hartwell

Photographer: Rusty Hill

Jack, the famous giant-killer of Mother Goose lore, could have kept his cow and still had a beanstalk if only he used CT Film’s product in his greenhouse. That is the visual delivered in a new print advertisement produced for the Rexene Corp. subsidiary by Point Communications in Dallas. A blooming flower towers into the clouds after crashing through the ceiling of a greenhouse that had CT Film’s product lining the inside of the plant shelter’s glass windows. Agency creative director David Howard said the print ad was not only about the growth potential for plants, but delivered the message of CT Film’s industry background: ‘You won’t need any ‘magic beans’ for bigger blooms, vibrant colors, and hearty plants,’ thanks to the company’s 40-plus years in the business, the copy states. The advertising message is running in several horticultural trade publications, including Greenhouse Grower……–G.F.

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