New Campaigns: Midwest

Client: The Cleveland Clinic

Agency: BBDO Chicago

Chief Creative Officer: Phil Grant

Copywriter: Derek Sherman

Art Director: Dan Weeks

Executive Producer: Chuck Seldons

Actual patients of the Cleveland Clinic are featured in two 30-second television spots airing in the Cleveland area. The themeline for the spots is ‘The Cleveland Clinic: Every Life Deserves World Class Care.’ One spot features a man identified by a caption as ‘Former prostate cancer patient.’ Vince Schuyler is now shown enjoying a spirited game of Bocce ball. Schuyler’s recuperation from prostate problems and his new carefree attitude are reinforced with the caption ‘Told the cable guy any time’s fine.’ The scene switches to Martha Curtis, described in a caption as ‘Former brain surgery patient.’ She is shown appreciating the outdoors, followed by another caption, ‘Enjoys the sound of her alarm at 6 a.m.’ The message ‘Everything changes when you get your health back’ and the themeline complete the spot. A second ad depicts Kerri-Simone Price, ‘Former digestive disease patient,’ relaxing in a hammock. The message here appears to be that life can be a joy following treatment at the Cleveland Clinic.–Trevor Jensen


Client: Saint Louis Zoo

Agency: Advertising Savants, St. Louis

Creative Director: Donna Hagerty-Payne

Copywriter: Corrine Mitchell

Art Director: Vince Cook

Director: Rick Gould

Three TV spots for the Saint Louis Zoo portray life from the animals’ perspective, with comic voiceovers. In one, some polar bears decide to entertain a scout and his dad. ‘Whaddya think the ball or the pool thing?’ one bear asks another. The bears leap into the pool; the humans remain unmoved. One bear stands on hind legs to provoke a response–to no avail. ‘I’m getting too old for this,’ the bear laments. In another spot, lizards discuss their next meal. ‘Whaddya think, crickets for lunch?’ one asks. Two people press their faces to the aquarium. ‘Oooh, that killed my appetite,’ one reptile says. ‘I know, I can never get used to them; they’re so big and pink,’ says another. Parrots also talk about humans in a third spot. ‘Can you come out and play’ is the campaign’s tagline. Outdoor work features giraffes and apes appearing atop or over the billboard.–Trevor Jensen


Client: Coleman

Agency: Martin/Williams, Minneapolis

Creative Director: Lyle Wedemeyer

Copywriter: Tom Kelly

Art Director: Jim Henderson

Director: Boris Damast

The ease and quickness of Coleman’s new air mattress inflation system are selling points conveyed with humor in a 30-second commercial shot in South Africa. An out-of-breath man enumerates various activities one can accomplish while camping. The viewer is left to assume this man is winded because he has been canoeing, climbing a mountain, hiking and fording a stream, as described and shown in intercut footage. When asked by an announcer why he is winded, the man, however, confesses he has not started doing any such activities yet–that his energy has been spent trying to blow up the air mattress. The camera pans to reveal his son, now blue in the face with his own efforts to inflate the air bed. The solution presented is a battery-powered device from Coleman that fills up the air mattress with a flip of a switch. The commercial is airing in spot cable television markets.–Trevor Jensen

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