New Campaigns

Client: Kikkoman International, San Francisco
Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding, San Francisco
Creative Director: David Hunter
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Maryann Saltonstall
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Tom Lucente
Photographers: Deborah Jones, Leen Thijsee
In a new national print campaign breaking this month, Foote, Cone & Belding lets consumers know that the same Kikkoman teriyaki and soy sauces they enjoy at home are used by many of their favorite restaurants. The ads suggest Kikkoman products are flavoring food everywhere – from marinating burgers at the barrel-shaped Beef Burger stand in Amarillo, Texas, to spicing up the seafood dishes at the landmark Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami.
This latest effort from FCB for the client drops last year’s tagline, “The big secret in the little bottle,” in favor of “Kikkoman cooks where America eats.” Each ad is accompanied by a recipe from the featured restaurant, and poses the question, “Shouldn’t you be cooking with Kikkoman?” FCB has handled the estimated $10 million account since 1996. – Jane Irene Kelly

Client: New Los Angeles Marketing Partnership (NLAMP)
Agency: DavisElen, Los Angeles
Creative Director: Stan Kaplan
Copywriter: Mike Ochinero
Art Director: Patty McNair
Skyscrapers, construction workers and boats are just a few of the cartoon urban and industrial images being used in NLAMP’s latest ad campaign. The work, from DavisElen Advertising, outlines the number of new businesses and new jobs in the region, the relatively low cost of living, and the booming new media industry.
“#1 in car design,” reads one poster headline, with a car speeding down a road below it. “There’s never been a better time to live and work right here,” reads another. The tag remains, “It’s amazing how L.A. is growing.”
The campaign continues through August, backed with a budget of over $500,000. Print ads appear in national weeklies as well as local and regional dailies and weeklies. Radio spots are airing during business news segments of local news radio stations. Pole banners, buses and billboards also carry the message.
NLAMP, a public-private partnership among local Southern California governments and corporate sponsors, aims to expand business in the region by promoting its economic strengths and the creativity and imagination of its people. – Jennifer Lee

Client: Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle
Agency: Cole & Weber, Seattle
Associate Creative Directors: Bill Karow, Kevin Jones
Art Director: Bill Karow
Copywriters: Kevin Jones (TV), Nicole Michels (print)
Agency Producer: Mischelle Thiels
Director: Dante Ariola
Confession is supposed to be good for the soul. In Cole & Weber’s new campaign promoting the 24th annual Seattle International Film Festival, that adage is taken literally. The centerpiece of the Seattle-based agency’s campaign is a 100-second trailer, being shown in movie houses across the country throughout the festival. The action involves a jittery young man who confides to a priest that he likes to watch people who are not aware of his presence while they engage in sex, murder and other activities. The priest calls him a “sick, sick man.”
The idea behind the campaign stems from the voyeuristic nature of watching films, according to associate creative director Kevin Jones. “When you watch a movie, you’re anonymously watching people’s lives,” he said.
TV and radio PSAs are airing in the Northwest through June 14. – Angela Dawson