New Campaigns

Client: Divers Alert Network, Durham, N.C.
Agency: West & Vaughan, Durham Chief
Creative Officer: Bill West
Creative Director: Robert Shaw West
Copywriter: Eran Thomson
Art Director: Shawn Brown
Producer: Frank Nappi
Photographer: Chip Henderson
Retouching: Revelations, Raleigh, N.C.

Divers Alert Network, a non-profit organization that promotes underwater safety, may be 100 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, but it is located only minutes from West & Vaughan. DAN’s worldwide headquarters sign captured the attention of W&V creative director Robert Shaw West and copywriter Eran Thomson, both enthusiastic divers, inspiring the pair to make an unsolicited presentation to the client last fall. The shop won the account, and since then has produced an ad breaking in diving publications this month. Showing an expanse of water dotted with lifeguards, the ad (above) aims to brand DAN’s membership benefits as protection, not simply dive accident insurance. Copy reassures divers: “No matter where in the world you are, if you have an accident, we’re not far.” For $29 a year, members receive travel assistance, medical air evacuation, a magazine subscription and other perks. –Katy Eckmann

Client: Saint Thomas Health Services, Nashville, Tenn.
Agency: Endres Eng Wilson, Nashville
Creative Director/Copywriter: Kevin Endres
Art Director: Sharon Harms
Producer: Linda Tesa Olken
Director: Barbara Kopple
Production Company: Nonfiction Spots, Santa Monica, Calif.

Rather than use actors and the all-to-familiar “we care” script to sell Saint Thomas Health Services, Endres Eng Wilson of Nashville, Tenn., recruited two-time Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple to shoot a documentary that eventually became a series of six television commercials. At the outset of the project, several patients were filmed undergoing cardiac catheterization. The decision was then made to follow a patient named Randy Morgan. Enjoying total access, the production crew was at the medical facility for seven days, shooting approximately 48,000 feet of motion picture film. They were also on hand for Morgan’s diagnosis, follow-up treatment and recovery, not to mention scenes with his family and friends. The tension and fear for all is palpable, as is the relief in the final television spot in which he leaves Saint Thomas to go home. All of the television commercials end with the message: “Caring for you and those around you.” The TV advertising campaign, which began airing this month, will run for 23 weeks. –Jim Osterman

Client: Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, Miami
Agency: Turkel Schwartz & Partners, Miami
Creative Directors: Bruce Turkel and Kirk Kaplan
Art Director: David Garcia
Copywriters: Ian Mavorah and Dan Gronning
Producer: Tina Khoury

Now that the holidays have come and gone, the Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau is using the literal cold truth of mid-winter in an attempt to lure people to the warmer climate of the Florida city. In the “Chestnut Cart” television spot, the Miami-based agency used stock black-and-white film footage of city dwellers, presumably in frigid Northeastern and Midwestern climes, enduring the hardships of harsh winters. The television commercial suggests hanging out near a corner chestnut vendor as one way to stay warm, the better alternative being a trip to Miami and its sun-splashed beaches. Another television spot, titled “X-Ray,” shows a line of suitcases going through an airport security check. Viewers can spy inside each valise, and see x-ray images of down vests, gloves and other cold-weather accessories. The last suitcase, tagged for Miami, contains only three items: a skimpy bikini, a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of suntan lotion. The Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau’s two new commercials are airing on television stations in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Illinois, Virginia, Georgia, North and South Carolina as well as Washington, D.C. –J.O.