New Campaigns

Client: Brown’s Chicken & Pasta, Oak Brook, Ill.
Agency: Chase/Ehrenberg & Rosene, Chicago
Creative Directors: Marion Dawson, Bob Watson
Art Director/Director: Bob Watson
Brown’s Chicken has been using “It tastes better” as its ad slogan for 25 years, and it has served the regional restaurant chain well. This year, however, muscular rival Burger King has latched on to a variation: “If you ask us, it just tastes better.” To remind consumers who had it first, Brown’s this month launched a pool of five new 30-second TV spots in which real customers talk about how much they like the chain’s chicken and how truthful they believe its slogan to be. “The new campaign reinforces Brown’s ownership of [our] 25-year-old battle cry,” said Jim Rohr, the client’s vice president of marketing. The spots are airing initially in Brown’s core market, Chicago, with later expansion possible. Scott Hume

Client: Johnsonville Foods, Kohler, Wis.
Agency: Clarity Coverdale Fury, Minneapolis
Creative Director: Jac Coverdale
Copywriter: Kelly Trewartha
Art Director: Sharon Azula
Agency Producer: Jenee Schmidt
Director: Bob Rice Editor: Charley Schwartz
Clarity Coverdale Fury builds on Johnsonville’s “Grill on” campaign from last fall in two new TV spots, bringing back spokesman/character Charlie Murphy. In this latest round, Murphy has his own talk show, Brat Talk. In one spot, Murphy poses the question, “How do you get your husband to cook dinner?” A fantasy sequence shows Charlie’s wife handing him a package of bratwurst, saying, “Nobody cooks like you do. You’re such a man.”
In another installment, Charlie notes that outdoor grills have a “strange magnetic power” over men at barbecues. Another fantasy sequence shows a number of men being helplessly drawn to a grill cooking brats. “Nice work,” says an admirer as Charlie turns a sausage. Both spots end with the tag, “Grill on,” written in mustard.
The campaign, airing through July, plays up the informal culture of outdoor grilling, said creative director Jac Coverdale. Future installments are expected to exploit other grilling phenomena, such as tailgate parties. – Aaron Baar