New Campaigns

Client: WebLine, Burlington, Mass.
Agency: TFA/Leo Burnett Technology Group, Boston
Creative Director: Mike Wilson
Copywriter: Diane Boulanger A
rt Directors: Susan Dwyer, Tina Snyder
TFA/Leo Burnett Technology Group has produced its first work for WebLine, which it picked up about a month ago. Print ads tout the company’s software for Internet customer service and e-commerce applications.
The type is set in white against colored backdrops showing a variety of scenes, such as a busy concourse in a shopping mall. One execution poses the question: “Are your e-customers just browsing or do they need help?” Another ad targeting business call centers begins, “Cliiiiick, cliiiiick. cliiiiick. The Web is ringing.” A third–with type set against a picture of a supermarket aisle–asks, “Will a representative please come to browser five for customer service?”
The media buy is about $500,000, said TFA account executive Jennifer Grella. The ads are running through mid-December in trade magazines and national business publications ranging from Fast Company to The Wall Street Journal.
Shortly after the campaign broke, Cisco Systems in San Jose, Calif., announced a $325 million buyout of WebLine. The deal is expected to be completed by the middle of next year. Webline’s customers include technology, financial services and telecommunications companies such as Cisco Systems, eToys and MCI Worldcom.
–Lauren Wiley