New Campaigns

Client: Elias Brothers Restaurants, Warren, Mich.
Agency: Simons Michelson Zieve, Troy, Mich.
Creative Director: Harvey Gabor
Copywriter: Todd Hostettler
Art Director: Lisa Sabo Executive
Producer: Joel Bienenfeld
Photography Director: Pat Pask
Director: Mort Zieve

Elias Brothers’ Big Boy Restaurants is touting its high food-safety standards in two new 30-second TV spots from Simons Michelson Zieve. The spots are airing both in-store and on TV in the restaurants’ markets in Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and California. Both spots assure consumers that they can count on “the freshest, best-tasting and safest meal possible at Big Boy.”
One of the spots highlights the restaurants’ practice of serving all condiments in squeezable plastic containers, eliminating the need for such potentially unsafe practices as using a soiled knife to free ketchup from a glass bottle. A second spot introduces the Big Boy Food Safety Program, one of the first of its kind, which each employee must complete.
Complementing the TV campaign, informational cards can be found on the guests’ tables, highlighting related programs and practices, such as the commitment to serving only the best quality beef. –Tanya Gazdik

Client: Steak n’ Shake Restaurants, Indianapolis
Agency: Young & Laramore, Indianapolis
Executive Creative Directors: Jeff Laramore, David Young
Creative Director/ Copywriter: Scott Montgomery
Art Director: Mike Hahn
Producer: Kent Smith
Director: James Dalthorp
Production Company: I/33 Productions, Santa Monica, Calif.

Young & Laramore this month is unleashing a wave of new TV spots–eight 30-second ads and another five 10-second spots–for Steak n’ Shake, the 258-unit chain that has developed cultlike popularity in four Midwest states. The spots all exude a brash but light attitude that celebrates Steak n’ Shake’s virtues without denigrating competitors or offering price discounts.
One spot, for example, opens on an exterior shot of a restaurant, with the lights inside going on and off repeatedly. Inside, we see a young crew worker flipping a switch. “Whoa,” he says. “I wasn’t even sure we had one of these.” The message: Steak n’ Shake is open 24 hours a day. The 30-second spots couple two or three such quick-take vignettes.
The male crew member and a female waitress reappear throughout the campaign, in spots that play up Steak n’ Shake’s throwback offerings, such as burgers made from ground steak, hand-dipped milkshakes and menus that are printed rather than beamed from signs above the counter. –Scott Hume

Client: Borgess Health Alliance, Kalamazoo, Mich.
Agency: TraverRohrback, Kalamazoo
Creative Director: Joe Clipner
Copywriters: Joe Clipner and Beth Smith
Art Director: Joan Sechrist
Producer: Jennifer Lucero
Designer/Director: David Hwang
Production Company: Two Headed Monster, Los Angeles

TraverRohrback’s latest work for Borgess Health Alliance talks technical while using engaging graphics that help make the subject matter accessible and interesting.
“Anywhere,” one of two new 30-second TV spots, takes viewers somewhere TV advertising rarely goes: into a human artery. As the corpuscles careen by, superimposed copy explains, “Last year, Borgess doctors successfully opened a patient’s blocked artery with a new heart-saving device. The procedure at Borgess was the first of its kind in Michigan. The first in the United States. The first anywhere.” It closes with the tagline, “Shouldn’t you have a Borgess doctor?”
The second spot, “Tango,” uses a succession of lively, colorful designs as a background for copy discussing Borgess’ participation in developing new procedures for treating strokes “so the dance of life can go on.”
The unexpected visual context is “a celebration of the brain, its immense capacity” and Borgess’ role as a leader in stroke research, said TraverRohrback creative director Joe Clipner.
–Scott Hume