New Campaigns

Client: Stop & Shop Supermarket Co., Braintree, Mass.
Agency: Arnold Communications, Boston
Chief Creative Officer: Ron Lawner
Creative Director: Alan Marcus
Art Director: Jeannie Heilman
Copywriter: C.J. Kaplan
Production Co.: MacLeod & Partners
Director: Bill Mather
Editor: Noreen Breslin-Panache
Music: Berman/Branco Art
Director: Allen Weaver
Continuing a television campaign that first aired more than a year ago, Arnold Communications in Boston has created a series of 15-second vignettes that use strong images, appropriate music and humor to drive home the point that Stop & Shop supermarkets offer everything a consumer needs. The tagline, “It’s that simple,” remains the same.
One commercial, titled “Frozen Meals,” is filmed from the viewpoint of a frozen dinner being cooked on a carousel inside a microwave. Other spots in the series focus on areas of the supermarket that consumers may not relate to food shopping, such as cleaning supplies, laundry detergents and vitamins.
“By using humor, we’re showing different vignettes that people can relate to,” said Peter Joyce, vice president and management supervisor at Arnold. “In turn, these spots show how Shop & Shop fits into today’s busy lifestyle by offering the best selection and the ease of one-stop shopping.” –Judy Warner

Client: Dexter Shoe Co., Dexter, Maine
Agency: Mullen, Wenham, Mass.
Creative Directors: Paul Silverman and Amy Watt
Copywriter: Dave Swartz
Art Director: Dan O’Donnell
Producer: Alisa Sulda
In its first TV work for Dexter, Mullen slyly mocks the serious, inspirational-style footwear advertising that has saturated the airwaves. The 30-second spot opens with a lone runner sprinting silently across the landscape. A voiceover intones, “I run because I must,” the same line used in print executions [Adweek, Aug. 10]. In the next frame, the athlete turns into a businessman running to a meeting. The executive dashes to the conference room in his Dexters, only to discover that the meeting has been relocated. The tagline: “Built for the way you really live.”
Other shoe advertisers use an “extreme amount of exaggeration,” said chief creative officer Paul Silverman. “[It’s] not the way you really live. The hardest thing [you] do isn’t the 30 minutes you’re on the treadmill. It’s the time you’re scrambling to do what you really have to do.” Part of a $6 million branding effort, the spot breaks in September on major networks and various sports programs. –Sarah Jones

Client: H.P. Hood, Chelsea, Mass.
Agency: Partners & Simons, Boston
Creative Director: Jeff Billig
Art Director: Anthony Henriques
Copywriters: Jeff Billig and Peter Pappas
Producer: Debbie Finlayson
Created by Partners & Simons in Boston, a TV campaign consisting of three spots cut in 30- and 15-second lengths touts the benefits of Hood’s milk bottles, which, the ads claim, are able to preserve taste and nutrients by blocking out light.
Two of the commercials open with a tone resembling that of a serious public service announcement. One ad features a teenager in a school stairwell telling of how he and his peers have had to make some difficult choices. It turns out that one of their decisions is what to drink, and our boy’s beverage is Hood milk because, he reveals, he is influenced by cool commercials. The spot ends with the boy taking a swig from his individual-sized Hood bottle.
“The bottle changes what milk is,” explained creative director Jeff Billig. “It makes milk qualitatively different, and we wanted to come at it from a different point of view.” The spots are running in the Boston area through the fall.
–Sarah Jones