New Campaigns

Client: Hoffbrau Steak House, Fayetteville, Ark. Agency: Thompson, Earnhart & Associates, Fayetteville Creative Director/Copywriter: Donna Williams Art Director: Cameron Blackwell
Any agency would love the luxury of time to develop a complete branding campaign at its leisure. But time was one luxury Thompson did not have when it was asked to deliver new ads for Hoffbrau. Although research had developed selling points behind Hoffbrau’s lemon butter steak and fun restaurant atmosphere, the agency was asked to create some “quick, cheap ads” as a deadline approached for a local dining guide, according to the shop. The results were three print ads with minimal visuals that drive home key points. “Bar made in England. Beer made in Germany. Steak made in Heaven,” reads one ad, while another boasts, “Want to know what the food in other restaurants tastes like? Wad up this ad and stick it in your mouth.” Tags varied among each of the ads, such as “Real food that’s real good.” “Hoffbrau had not yet established a personality, so our job as its agency was to create one,” said Kristen Earnhart, principal at the agency. The client has decided to put the quickie ads into circulation as its general print campaign, to be supplemented by radio and in-restaurant marketing efforts in the same vein, according to the agency. The ads were the first created for the client by Thompson. –Glen Fest

Client: Houston Baptist University Agency: Fogarty Klein & Partners, Houston Creative Director/Copywriter: Tom Monroe Art Director: Tom Gates
Asked to help rid Houston Baptist University of its “best kept secret” image in Houston, Fogarty Klein & Partners crafted some promotional shorthand to get its message out to local students, parents and businesses. The result is a print and outdoor campaign that utilizes headlines like, “SAT. ACT. HBU. Three indicators of how you’ll do in college.” Copy also points out secondary meanings for the HBU acronym, such as Houston’s Best University and Houston’s Blessed University. “Blessed with the best faculty around, with 70 percent holding a Ph.D. or the highest degree available in their field. And HBU classes are taught by these professors, not their graduate students,” the copy explains. Other selling points featured in the ads are a low student-teacher ratio and a small-college feel in a big city. “We want to communicate that attending a smaller university is an asset for undergraduates and offers a wealth of opportunity for graduate programs,” said Cindy Crane Garbs, HBU’s vice president for university advancement. The campaign kicks off this month, according to a Fogarty Klein & Partners representative. –Steve Krajewski

Client: St. David’s Healthcare Partnership, Austin, Texas Agency: Fellers Marketing & Advertising, Austin Creative Director: Bryan Pudder Art Director: Teri Andrews Copywriter: Suzanne Leonard Post-Production: 501 Group, Austin
Cardiac care may not be a top-of-mind topic for many residents of Austin, a town known more for its Sixth Street nightlife scene, perhaps, than its medical infrastructure. Still, a set of two 30-second television spots and three print ads target Austinites young and old, intent on educating them about the services provided at the four hospitals in the St. David’s Healthcare Partnership. One newspaper ad features a twentysomething man biking on Austin’s Mt. Bonnell next to copy that notes, “At St. David’s Medical Center we’re devoted to caring for all Austin hearts–those that climb mountains and those that simply enjoy the view.” Other prints ads feature familiar Austin vistas as well, like a young woman playing with two children at Zilker Park and two seniors strolling through the Wildflower Center. “Caring for the heart of Austin” is the tagline used in all of the ads. “Older adults are the obvious targets of many cardiac campaigns,” said client marketing director Robin Stanton Gerrow, adding, “We want to let people know that all chest pain should be checked out, no matter what your age or state of fitness.” –S.K.