New Campaigns

Client: Ragged Mountain, Danbury, N.H. Agency: Clarke Goward, Boston Creative Director: Spencer Deadrick Art Directors: Sean Farrell, Mark Bauman Copywriter: Colin Nissan Photographer: Russ Quackenbush

Clarke Goward makes an appeal to serious winter sports enthusiasts in its latest campaign for Ragged Mountain ski resort in Danbury, N.H. The print and poster effort uses evocative black-and-white photography and the tagline, “Experience skiing. Again,” to emphasize the challenges posed by the client’s many trails. One ad shows a snowboarder suspended in space. Copy begins: “No crowds. No hassles. Just you, the mountain, and a little thing we . . . like to call gravity.” A poster depicts a skier teetering on a snowy precipice at Joe’s Ravine. “Is that the wind howling or Sir Isaac Newton laughing?” the copy reads. The campaign, running for the next few weeks in newspapers such as The Boston Globe, seeks to portray “skiing the way it used to be in New England: no crowds, no gimmicks, great terrain, great snow,” said Clarke Goward creative director Spencer Deadrick. –David Gianatasio
Client: Simplex, Gardner, Mass. Agency: Keiler & Co., Farmington, Conn. Creative Directors: Mike Scricco, Mel Maffei Copywriter: Virginia Kramer Art Director: Paul Kingsford Photographer: Joe Cova

What do the Getty Center art and cultural complex in Los Angeles, software provider Advanced Micro Devices and London’s Luton Airport have in common? They all rely on the technological prowess of Simplex’s security, communications or fire prevention systems, according to a print effort crafted by Keiler & Co. “At the Getty Center, you’ll find van Gogh in the west pavilion, da Vinci in the east pavilion and Simplex in every corner,” reads one headline. The tagline, “Protecting people, property and peace of mind,” is introduced in the campaign. Spending was not disclosed but is believed to be in the low seven figures. Ads are running in vertical trade journals such as American School and University, Building Operating Management, Long Term Care and Security.
–David Gianatasio
Client: Bell Atlantic Mobile, Bedminster, N.J. Agency: Mason & Madison, New Haven, Conn. Creative Director: Mary Gatzmeyer Art Director: Jeff Wright
Copywriter: Mary Gatzmeyer

As part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Mason & Madison has created a poster campaign to generate awareness of the severity of domestic violence and its impact on the workplace.
The New Haven, Conn.-based agency unveiled the effort a couple of weeks ago at a press conference in Massachusetts to communicate to both employers and employees the financial toll that violence takes on companies across the country–up to $5 billion each year.
One poster features a giant bomb with the lit fuse. The headline reads, “Honey, I’m home.” Body copy says, “A bad day at work. A meal that’s overcooked. It’s amazing how little it takes for domestic violence to explode. If you suspect a friend or co-worker is either a batterer or a victim of domestic violence, don’t ignore it. Help them get the help they need.”
Another execution carries the headline, “They must hate me,” and describes the impact that witnessing domestic violence has on children.
The numbers of three toll-free help lines appear beside the body copy.
Mason & Madison worked on the pro bono campaign in partnership with both the Massachusetts Governor’s Commission Against Domestic Violence and Employees Against Domestic Violence.
–Sarah Jones