As L.A. agency execs chase a burst of new business after a long, dry spell, they’re asking whether the cumbersome, early round process is worth the trouble.
‘The business climate is tougher, clients are seemingly uncomfortable with making decisions capriciously and are hiring a bevy of consultants and trying to ferret out every detail about every agency,’ said Mendelsohn/Zien, L.A. president Richard Zien.
After a long wave of quiet, reviews for five major accounts emerged simultaneously: $15-20 million HomeBase, $10-15 million Baskin-Robbins, $10-million Secure Horizons, $8-10 million Sega of America and $25-30 million First Interstate Bank. HomeBase and B-R issued in-depth questionnaires to oodles of shops, while Secure Horizons requested extensive samples of creative. All five clients are using review consultants. Agency execs aren’t disputing questionnaires in general. But the odds of making initial cuts are dwindling compared to the time it takes to complete the current questionnaires.
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