New-Business Boss at McKinney

McKinney & Silver has promoted Stephanie Sumner to director of new business, reporting directly to agency president and chief executive officer Brad Brinegar.

Sumner, previously new-business manager, joined the Raleigh, N.C., agency in 1998.

“Steph had been functioning in this role when I came on board,” said Brinegar, who joined the shop earlier this year. “Now that I’ve had a chance to watch people, it’s clear she has what it takes.”

Sumner is charged with developing McKinney’s prospect list, interacting with consultants and organizing the agency’s review efforts.

“Every pitch requires a different mix of talents,” said Brinegar. “There’s always a creative voice, but some are about fundamental business strategy, others are about brands. Stephanie knows which people are most naturally inclined to work asa team.”

As new-business manager, Sumner organized the shop’s successful Nasdaq, Bacardi USA and Krystal wins.

“Getting the agency together for a pitch like Nasdaq is chaotic and gratifying,” said Sumner. “You immerse yourself in the brand, the category, the competition. It’s a lot of whip cracking to make sure everything gets done.”

Despite a drop in revenue at properties of parent Havas, McKinney, an independent unit of Boston-based Arnold, has stated its determination to maintain a strategic approach to new business.