New Blue Martini Ads From Y&R

Blue Martini Software, which provides back-end customer support for Web sites and mobile phones, begins a $5-10 million campaign this week.

The print effort created by Young & Rubicam, San Francisco, shows a blue martini halved by a bullet. The caption reads: “Get them through us.” The “them” refers to retail customers. The rest of the copy outlines Blue Martini’s ability to deliver a “highly personalized, branded experience” for all customer service, whether through the Web or a call center.

A second ad shows a blue martini with three straws. The copy reads “Now serving two to twenty” and explains how businesses can use the Blue Martini software to guide potential clients through their site, conduct online training or letcustomers shop online.

John Love, director of marketing communications for the San Mateo, Calif.-based company, said the creative plays off what the company sees as a strong name. “People remember [the name] after they hear it once,” he said. “Getting them to remember what we do is my job.”

Paul Hastings, svp/ group director for Y&R, said the name was too obvious not to play off. “It was the big elephant in the room,” he said. “You couldn’t ignore it.”

The target for the effort is B2B and B2C [business to consumer] execs. Ads will run in Business Week, CIO, eWeek, Fast Company and other publications.

This is Blue Martini’s second ad effort. The first, also via Y&R, appeared in the spring and did not include as much brand name imagery.